One of the things we’re grateful to offer here at Genesis4Wellness is our point of view. We’ve opted out of the arguments about what kind of medicine is best, because experience has shown that most every approach can prove useful at one time or another. We take the functional medicine view that issues often have more than one cause, and that the causes can be different for different people.

Chiropractic care is one of the services we draw upon in responding to people’s goals. After more than 110 years of successful application, chiropractic care is established as a solution that gets to the source of several kinds of pain, discomfort, or even disability that a person might experience. Yes, the spine is the focus of chiropractic adjustment, yet because it’s the foundation of the body and the trunk-line of the central nervous system, spinal alignment can play a major role in resolving issues that might appear to arise somewhere else.

Close to the Core

When your back hurts, or you’ve got a pain in the neck, getting your spine pack in alignment often resolves it, and often quickly, because a chiropractic adjustment can relieve pressure on nerves, or give space to discs that might themselves be pressing on a nerve. Even when good alignment is restored, chiropractic treatment usually continues to be helpful while the muscles relax the spasm they took on in response to the pain, and while the vertebrae and their supporting tissues “learn” how to go back where they belong.

The back could be the real source, too, of a pain in your hip, or leg, or even your shoulder. Major nerves radiate from the spine, and if they’re compressed at that source, the pain often shows up in the buttocks, the leg, or even as a tingling or numbness in the fingers. In many cases, chiropractic adjustment has proven to be the turning point in relieving pain and limited motion in these limbs for that reason.

And Farther Afield

Headaches are among the conditions chiropractic care can relieve. We’re all carrying the equivalent of a large bowling ball on the top of our necks, and the leverage that this applies to the vertebrae can lead to misalignment, with or without a sudden jolt or accident. Getting the neck aligned and relaxed can relieve headaches that didn’t respond to other approaches.

In many cases, even the knees get happy from proper spinal alignment gained through chiropractic care. The compensations we make when our back is out of whack can be subtle, and yet the changes they place in our gait, the ways we walk and stand, often apply torque to the knees and put pressures where they weren’t designed to go. Getting the spine in line can help get your knees moving the way they were designed to move, eliminating that torque and undue pressure.

Staying in Tune

As helpful as chiropractic can be in resolving pain, lots of patients say the highest and best use of chiropractic care is after they’ve experienced relief. Successful patients often find that the occasional “tune-up” adjustment is comforting and worthwhile. The memory alone of the pain that brought them in is more than persuasive enough to take care it doesn’t happen again.

At Genesis4Wellness, we help people make feeling good a way of life. Let’s get together and talk about what that could mean for you.