As a practice dedicated to functional medicine, our approach to well-being includes a deep respect for the body’s own power to heal. So, we are particularly interested in therapies that support the body’s own healing processes, and Prolozone therapy is certainly one of them.

In Prolozone therapy, ozone is injected in the area where inflammation says the body is mobilized to correct something. Knees and shoulders, for example, were early beneficiaries of Prolozone therapy. The help that ozone provides is to give the body an increased local supply of oxygen to use in its natural healing and regeneration.

And ozone is not just any kind of oxygen; it has been called “supercharged oxygen,” oxygen in a very potent form. Ozone is a naturally occurring gas made up of three oxygen molecules. This unusual structure makes ozone highly interactive, so Prolozone therapy gets the healing power of oxygen closer to where it is needed, and in a form that’s ready to team up and go to work. Oxygen increases the flow of healing nutrients. It stimulates fibroblasts, the cells that stimulate new tissue production. In all, the presence of more oxygen, which Prolozone therapy provides, speeds up and enriches the body’s natural healing processes.

What it Means for an Aching Back

After considerable success in treating other areas of the body, people with neck and back pain are reaping the benefits. Prolozone therapy is providing welcome relief for the spine, producing promising results for patients with bulging or herniated discs, pain from unsuccessful back surgeries, and even spinal stenosis and spondylolisthesis.

Among the handful of non-surgical responses to spinal issues, Prolozone therapy is emerging as preferable in many ways for many patients. Compared with steroid injections, for example, Prolozone therapy works with the body to heal and resolve the source of pain, while steroids reduce inflammation, relieving the pain, but in effect blocking or slowing down the body’s effort to resolve it.

For back pain originating from a compressed or herniated disc, two approaches to Prolozone therapy have been effective, depending on the patient and the specific condition. Injections may be placed directly into the disc, or instead into the vertical muscles alongside the spine, the paravertebral muscles. For lumbar spine issues, which often result in radiated leg or hip pain, Prolozone therapy results have been particularly impressive.

Our studies and experience reveal that the body possesses an almost unbelievable dedication to making things whole – a talent for healing that goes right down to the cellular level. This clear finding is the foundation for what makes functional medicine different – knowing that preventing disease is even better than curing it, that diseases and disorders often have more than one cause, and that those various causes combine differently in different people. Our patients often tell us that the common sense of this viewpoint is long overdue.

A talk and a visit to Genesis4Wellness is a great way to find out if Prolozone therapy is right for you. Call us at 470-787-2160. The combination of health and happiness is our work here, and we are grateful for the opportunity to offer that to you.