Nowadays, we’re seeing second and third generations of patients coming for chiropractic care. That says a lot about how happy their parents are with the results they achieved. Maybe even more important, their children often began chiropractic care before they were in pain. That’s because so many people who experience the benefits of chiropractic care find that maintaining a healthy alignment of the body helps a lot of other things go right. And it’s a lot easier to stay aligned than it is to correct a painful condition and retrain the body to line up as it was intended to do.

So, what you might call elective chiropractic care, or at least maintenance visits, are among the first good things we’d like to mention. Living in the absence of pain, undistracted and moving freely, that’s the payoff of chiropractic care ultimately. Once people achieve it, more and more they are taking steps to keep it.

When You Really Know You Need It

On the other hand, most people discover the benefits of chiropractic care when something goes wrong, usually something in the spine. Two things stand out about back pain. First, it is often very intense. While there is such a thing as an aching back, very often the pain is much worse and even more focused than that. Sometimes the pain shows up in the leg or the arm, even when the problem is at the spine. Sometimes it begins as a tingling or a weakness or a numbness instead of a pain. These are the special difficulties of the pains that originate from the spine.

The other thing that stands out about pain from spinal misalignment is that people say they never hear the same answer twice. Too often, people discover the benefits of chiropractic care after a journey of disappointment and disillusion with “conventional” medical approaches. Too often those approaches ended up just masking the source of the pain, while the cause got even worse.

This is the point at which many people still discover the benefits of chiropractic care – as the last stop on a painful and disappointing journey. We wish we could spare more people that experience. That’s why we do what we can to get the word out.

How it Works

The nervous system that controls our movement, our sensations, and even our unconscious processes like digestion, begins and ends its journey to and from the brain through the spine. There’s no getting around it.

Just look for half a minute at a model or a photo of the spine, and notice that it’s brilliant, but it’s not so simple. A lot of things must be lined up properly for your body to function at its best. And despite the miraculous design of the spine, the stresses and forces we apply to it in the normal course of life are enough to challenge it every day. It shouldn’t be too surprising that so many people experience a misalignment – or subluxation – of the spine sooner or later.

Your chiropractor has devoted a full medical education to completing the knowledge and perfecting the skills to put things right in your spine. The process can involve heat and massage to achieve relaxation. The main event is the skillful application of energy to the spine in just the right location, amount, and direction to place those vertebrae back where they want to be. Usually a few follow-up visits are needed, to re-train the bones and muscles, because their tense reaction to pain and misalignment has to be un-learned.

Those reminders of what proper alignment feels like are also the reason some people make an occasional chiropractic tune-up part of their way of life, without waiting for a painful reminder.

To relieve that pain, or just to find out more about how the benefits of chiropractic care can put more joy in your life, let’s get together at Genesis4Health. Combining health and happiness is our work here, and we welcome the chance to offer exciting new options to you.