One of the breakthroughs of functional medicine is that treatments are based on the patient, as much or more than on the disease or condition we are setting out to address. Rather than saying, “Here’s what you’ve got, so here’s what you need,” the true practitioner of functional medicine works carefully to bring to light the unique makeup of each patient. Fundamental to functional medicine is the recognition that disease or disorder can have a different set of causes in different people.

If you’re treating the symptoms, the disease is about all you need to know. If you’re treating the causes, then testing is called for to determine what conditions exactly are combining to produce those symptoms.

As a result, we offer at Genesis4Wellness the opportunity to reap the benefits of a computer health analysis. People tell us that their computer health analysis not only revealed the sources of what was bothering them, but also gave them insights that lead to a new approach to sustained well-being as their lives move forward.

Discovering the Disruptors

Everyone faces the possibility of certain disruptors – factors that can get in the way of the body’s natural process of healing and continuous renewal. At Genesis4Wellness, the computer health analysis people get is composed of tests that reveal the extent to which they might be experiencing one or more of five basic disruptors.

Poor diet and toxins are two disruptors that often go hand in hand. Even when we do make good eating choices, today’s industrialized way of food production too often strips agriculture of its goodness and diminishes the nutritional value of the foods we eat. Toxins sometimes intrude on these food production processes. Even more often, toxins enter the body from the environment. What we breathe and ingest from our surroundings forms a part of our body chemistry, and not all the substances we encounter in this environment are our bodies’ friends. The effects over time of these intrusions can be complex and unfortunate.

Stress – both emotional and physical stress – disrupts the body’s natural function by diverting energy and nutrition and by stimulating unbalanced hormone production.

Emotional stress has physical consequences by stimulating and emergency response that makes oxygen and nutrition less available to the body’s normal needs. And physical stress often alters the body’s natural alignment, interrupting nerve pathways, causing pain, and adding torque that erodes and inflames joints.

Finally, microbes, the microscopic environment of living organisms that surrounds us, continually invade the body. The body’s natural response and defenses protect us, and yet sometimes they need reinforcements.

The computer health analysis is just one of the expert resources we offer at Genesis4Wellness to help set on your own path of well-being. Let’s get together and talk over the path that works best for you.