It seems that anytime the body heals itself – and that takes in a lot – it heals better with more oxygen. Today, research shows that ozone – a kind of supercharged oxygen molecule – accelerates that healing power. Ozone, O3, is a naturally occurring molecule that comes with an extra electron, compared with the oxygen in the air, O2. This makes the molecule far more dynamic. It seeks to bond with others and, going to work this way, it makes healing move faster.

Ozone attaches readily to other molecules and behaves in energized ways. Among other things, its dynamic structure makes ozone one of the most powerful sterilizers on earth. Plus, it is both safe for patients and friendly to the environment, because ozone reverts to oxygen after it does its work.

The therapeutic value of ozone is documented in treating the body’s cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, genitourinary system, subcutaneous tissue, and peripheral vascular system, among others. Of particular interest to our patients is the ability that ozone has shown to aid healing in the muscle-skeletal structures such as the head and neck, the knees or hips, the shoulders, and even the spine.

How Prolozone Therapy Works

Prolozone therapy helps your body generate repairs for the connective tissue of joints by putting the qualities of ozone to work. Your health professional injects ozone in and around the painful ligaments of knees, hips, ankles, shoulders, or elbows. The ozone strengthens the body’s own healing properties by increasing blood supply and bringing nutrients to the joint. Prolozone therapy has proven to relieve pain and soreness by helping the body regenerate new ligament and cartilage tissue, whether the injury came from wear and tear, sports injuries, or even from osteoarthritis.

Prolozone therapy helps generate and deposit cells called fibroblasts, the most common cells of ligaments and cartilage, the body’s connective tissue. in addition to boosting the body’s repair cycle by increasing the flow of nutrients to sore tissue. By providing structure for other cells, and synthesizing collagen, these fibroblasts play an essential role in healing.

Why You Can Rely on It

The studies that back up this approach go back a long way. A book prepared by the directors of some of the most prominent U.S. hospitals and published 90 years ago focused on ozone and its uses in treating diseases and disorders.

The reason Prolozone therapy is such a welcome option is that mechanical stress from everyday use, inflammation, and failure to fully repair after injury can cause connective tissues to work inefficiently, bringing misaligned motion to the joint. When our body’s natural patterns of motion are altered this way, wear-and-tear accelerates and can compound the sources of pain. The forces exerted on the joint are no longer directed the way they were designed. Instead, lax ligaments, or joints that we are favoring because of pain, cause shearing forces and torsion to be applied to the joints. This spiral of pain, altered motion, and misaligned movement can cause joints to degenerate rapidly.

Taking an active stand against this cycle of joint deterioration is vital for preserving our mobility and freedom of movement. To find out more about how Prolozone therapy can play a key role preserving your mobility and enjoyment of life, let’s get together. Combining health and happiness is our work here at Genesis4Health, and we welcome the chance to offer effective options to you.