An experienced Doctor of Chiropractic medicine, with generations of experience in his practice, commented recently that even pain is not enough to prompt some people to seek the solutions that can come from chiropractic. “It’s when people start to lose their favorite activities that they finally consider it,” he said. “Too often, chiropractic is their last stop rather than their first.”

The profession dates back 125 years, and every circle of friends, by a certain age, includes people who swear by its effectiveness. Just about everybody knows somebody who says, “It changed my life.” Considering the host of medical procedures on which people depend today that have nowhere near as long a track record of success, what could possibly account for the hesitance that many people feel about considering chiropractic?

That hesitance must be considered a factor in chiropractic care, because poor spinal and skeletal alignment does not get better by itself, and the severity of conditions is often increased by the time that people put off addressing the underlying issues.

Fundamental Causes and Solutions

People who view the question from an historical perspective point this out: The early practitioners and patients of chiropractic saw vividly how many body functions get better with proper spinal alignment, and thus the practice might have been given an unsought reputation as a cure-all – something too good to be true. When you consider that the world of “patent medicines” in 1895 included promises no one would make – and ingredients no one would include in good conscience today – it seems very likely that early chiropractic practices might have been painted with the same broad brush.

The fact that chiropractic always had a truer claim to well-being than the craze for “health in a bottle” that was so prominent in that day has taken time to come fully to light. Today, chiropractic is recognized as a key facet of complementary medicine, the medical orientation that holds that diseases and disorders can have more than one cause and that the treatment of them, therefore, is particular to every patient.

When Relief is Only the Beginning

Because the core of the central nervous system is involved in chiropractic treatment, its benefits can go well beyond resolving the pain of a rear-end collision or the wrong approach to picking up a heavy suitcase. Certainly, the relief of pressure on nerves that comes with chiropractic alignment can put an end to the pain of certain injuries. Often, however, people who come to chiropractic for that tend to stay for the wider benefits.

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