Our bodies’ endocrine gland system has been called a network of chemical messengers. It is constantly engaged in a kind of dialog, or feedback loop, with all our organs, stimulating and regulating their function and activity. Our major endocrine glands – there are six others – are the adrenal glands and the thyroid. They help cells talk to each other, and they’re engaged with almost every cell, organ, and function in our bodies.

Growth and development, our response and recovery from injury, the way we metabolize our food, how we respond to stress, and our reproduction as a species all look to the endocrine system to call the plays. Even our moods are products, in part, of our endocrine gland system.

With a job like that, it’s natural that our energy resources and the energy we feel at any moment is greatly affected by the healthy harmonious work of the endocrine system. So how can we make it our ally in pursuit of an enjoyable, fulfilling life?

Keeping Your Glands on Your Side

Because the thyroid controls metabolism, we might look there first for our basic energy resource. After all, what is metabolism but the body’s way of turning food into energy? Some ways of befriending your thyroid might be expected, such as low-impact exercise and non-cruciform vegetables, as well as good stress management. Others may sound like a surprise – such as limiting cell phone use. Yes, the electromagnetic signal and microwave field that comes with mobile communication has been shown in at least one study to result in minor degrees of thyroid dysfunction and a compensating rise in thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) a product of the pituitary gland.

Our adrenals – which sit atop our kidneys like little baseball caps – help the body respond to emergencies. Unfortunately, the emergencies they equip us for are literally prehistoric. The responses they provide, like elevated heart rate, blood vessel constriction, and fast blood-clotting, are not necessarily our friends for a healthy today. And the adrenals’ dutiful response can become habitual and lead to adrenal fatigue. When that occurs, we have trouble getting started in the morning, crave salty and sugary foods, experience low libido, have trouble staying asleep and may feel dizzy when we stand up quickly.

The Superiority of Super Foods

For helping the adrenals get back on an even keel, give them green “superfoods,” such as leafy vegetables and asparagus, nutrient-dense proteins, wild-caught fish, and healthy fats such as avocados. Stress management is a key to calming the adrenal glands, so we often encourage people to try yoga, mindfulness, or mediation to put a pause between stimulus and response. The change in good feelings and outlook that many patients report makes this well worth looking into.

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