Chiropractic care has been practiced for well over a century, and it is said by some to be a kind of ground-zero for the interest people have today in restorative therapies and functional medicine. Based on the body’s own ability to renew and heal itself, more and more people are taking a role in their own well-being and seeking out the solutions that are consistent with these observations: It is the nature of the body to be well, it is a capacity of the body to heal and renew, and our awareness and stewardship of our bodies can be the deciding factor in a life lived well. Chiropractic care has proven for many to be an important ally in this way of life.

The difference it can make in one’s experience of life, when spine and skeletal alignment is in order, has been described this way. Anyone who has rowed in competitive crew – or anyone who has taken part in the popular “Dragon Boat” paddling competitions that raise funds for causes in some communities – can tell you what an enormous difference it makes when everyone in the boat is rowing or paddling in perfect synchronization. You can feel the foot-pounds of energy pile up – for you, if your team is aligned – and against you, if your team is out of sync. Spine and skeletal alignment is like that.

Beginning as a Solution

Many people still encounter chiropractic care as the answer to back pain, or for pain or tingling or numbness in the limbs or extremities. And once in touch with the feeling of proper alignment, many don’t wait for pain to arise again. Many choose to make chiropractic care a regular feature of health maintenance, and rightly so. Healthy spine and skeletal alignment frees nerve impulses to do their work and unblocks the energy that makes movement feel good and work well.

Continuing as an Enhancement

So many people report widespread benefits from good spine and skeletal alignment that it’s important not to present chiropractic care as a “cure-all.” What it can do, people find, is maintain the pain-free movement they achieved from their initial chiropractic treatments. Further, many report improved joint mobility and muscle flexibility as a result of alignment. Reducing inflammation in the body and relieving degeneration of joint and connective tissue are among the results of the body’s own healing capacities that are unbound when good spine and skeletal alignment are maintained.

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