The answer in Marietta is that your functional medicine doctor is at Genesis4Wellness. Like so many other things – our climate, our community, our values, for example – we’re a little luckier here than our friends who live elsewhere. That’s because the functional medicine doctors here at Genesis4Wellness were already doctors when they took on the demanding, additional education that’s required to be certified in functional medicine. MDs and Doctors of Chiropractic Medicine can be important assets on your team when you seek the functional answer to wellness, and here they are central to our practice.

Functional medicine practitioners can also include Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine and Doctors of Naturopathic Medicine. Nurse Practitioners, too, sometimes achieve functional medicine certification, as they hold the highest levels of education and clinical experience among nurses, qualifying them to treat patients at a very high level including, for example, prescribing medications. The extremely high regard in which nurse practitioners are held in conventional medicine is not widely known.

In addition to the foundation of medical study they bring with them, candidates for functional medicine certification fulfill a rigorous program of courses and must demonstrate successful case studies. The field draws upon the learnings of essential, whole-person medicine, ranging from ancient findings and traditions to the latest medical research.

The Soundest Principles

Whatever path brought them to functional medicine, these practitioners are leaders in a point of view that increasingly spells the future of medicine. More and more, people recognize their own role in a healthy life, placing prevention higher than “miracle cures” in their approach to enjoying life. To people on this path, the functional medicine doctor offers an approach based on the soundest medical principles.

By focusing first on the person, rather than the disease, we see that diseases and disorders can have more than one cause. Part of the foundation of functional medicine is the insight that the causes of a disease can be somewhat different for each person because of his or her unique genetic and biochemical makeup. Taking an original, individual view to get to what’s behind the problem is a key difference in functional medicine, and a principle in which functional medicine doctors are taking a leading role.

The other vital leg of functional medicine is the knowledge that the body’s essential nature includes healing. The science of cells reveals that they are constantly renewing when the body can function as it was designed. Health is not just the absence of disease, but also a condition of dynamic vitality. Our approach involves helping this essential power that each person has at their very core.

Functional medicine doctors, then, are not devoted to a single set of solutions, nor focused on specializing in a particular disease. This makes functional medicine a distinctly different approach from the ever-more-specialized points of view and treatments offered in conventional medicine. If this makes sense to you, too, then let’s get together at Genesis4Wellness. Combining health and happiness is our work here, and we welcome the chance to become your ally in achieving that kind of wellness.