Our practice at Genesis4Wellness stems from deep convictions we hold about the essential nature of wellness. This foundation of understanding is also part of an important trend in society. People are moving beyond the “fix me” view of healthcare.

Certainly, experts – including doctors and specialists of all kinds – are important, especially for returning people to their well-being when something goes wrong. This is why we, at Genesis4Wellness, have invested such big parts of our lives in preparing for this practice. Yet, increasingly, people are coming to realize that their own role in their well-being – their consciousness of the importance of what they see, do, and understand – is the real beginning of a lifelong path of wellness.

Many grew up in a time of “miracle cures.” Though we unfortunately take them for granted now, the polio vaccine, penicillin, and immunizations against diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough all but removed many mortal threats from our American lives and contributed a new peace of mind to parents from coast to coast. One less positive legacy of this age was a kind of complacency.

Our Role in Prevention and Cure

Though certain haunting threats have faded to the past thanks, to that age of “miracle cures,” it is noticeable that the greatest disease threats to life itself today have a behavioral component. Their risks can be increased or lessened, depending on what each of us does to take responsibility for wellness. Heart attack and stroke, diabetes, and even cancer count diet and lifestyle among their risk factors.

This widespread realization of the role and responsibilities each of us has for wellness should not come as a burden. Rather, isn’t it good news to know that a big part of how your healthy life unfolds is really in your own hands?

At Genesis4Wellness, we are committed to the idea that prevention and balance hold the key to a healthy life. Our integrated approach to functional medicine recognizes that diseases and disorders have more than one cause – and that those causes might be different in different people. That’s why a personalized approach is so important here. You’ll find a team of trained and certified professionals who can offer you solutions you might find elsewhere, because here, the path was created for your own unique needs and makeup.

Your unique computer health analysis leads to custom-orchestrated solutions that might include fundamental alignment and stress relief from chiropractic and massage therapy, feeling better as a result of nutritional counseling, or even restorative treatments such as prolozone therapy that puts an extra oxygen atom on the side of your body’s own process for growth, repair, and healing.

We help people discover the path to well-being that best suits them at Genesis4Wellness. Let’s talk about how you’d like to feel, and how we can help you achieve that.