People who think carefully about their wellness today are coming to a historic conclusion. Personal responsibility plays a greater role in health now because of a few 21st-century ideas. There’s a realization around the world that the way we view disease, treatment, recovery, and prevention is out of order. More and more, people realize today that prevention comes first.

One impulse behind this trend is the growing recognition that the greatest threats to our health are among the most preventable. Heart attack, stroke, cancer, and diabetes are all powerfully influenced by how we live. While there are hereditary factors in each of them, the power of health habits to reduce your risk is remarkable.

As people take their health destiny in their own hands, many conclude that a chiropractor belongs on the team. It’s still true that most people meet a chiropractor when they can’t solve an issue through the usual medical channels, yet people more and more are making a chiropractic “tune-up” part of their fitness and health routine.

Reaching Farther to the Cause

So, why should a chiropractor be part of your medical team? Because chiropractic care can be a complimentary medical practice. In fact, chiropractors are accustomed to working with medical doctors to get patients pain-free – and to prevent future injuries – because this is often what brings a person to the chiropractor in the first place. Chiropractic adjustments work by helping your body find its proper alignment and then training it to return to that alignment naturally. By getting to the cause of many complaints, your chiropractor can be the resource that resolves them more fundamentally.

The spine is what most people think of first when they consider chiropractic, and, indeed, back pain is among the most prominent problems chiropractors address. Even when pain, numbness, or tingling is noticed in the hands and feet, or pain and stiffness limits the legs, people find their answers many times in a spinal adjustment. But because the spine contains the mainline of the central nervous system, there are a host of physical disorders for which people find relief in chiropractic care.

From headaches to bowel problems, people often say the key to relief, for them, included the care of a chiropractor. In concert with your MD, a chiropractor can play a role in relieving joint pain, supporting healthy organ function, and relieving headaches, to name just a few. Even the discomfort of arthritis can be reduced or relieved by aligning the body to help knees and hips move the way they did before the arthritis arose. Because our “favoring” those joints can bring additional problems, good chiropractic alignment can be part of treating them more effectively.

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