The old “fix me” model of medicine is growing as out-of-date as 17th-century doctors who applied leeches to “balance the humours.” As people become more aware of their own role in their wellness, a sense of responsibility is growing today that doesn’t depend on a “magic pill” to cure an ailment.

Instead, people more and more see that just making the symptom go away is not the same as wellness. People are increasingly aware of their personal power to help prevent illness with their lifestyle choices. In fact, 86% of healthcare costs in the U.S. are due to chronic conditions, and today’s leading fatal illnesses all have a behavioral component in preventing, managing, or treating the underlying cause.

With more attention focused on the part we all play in our own well-being, people increasingly draw on a wider set of resources to support their commitment to a healthy life. Functional medicine forms the framework for many people on this journey. By addressing the root causes that underlie illness, thousands are enjoying a quality of life they had dreamed of for years.

How a New View Evolved

Recognizing that many serious illnesses have more than one cause – and that those causes may be different for different people – a pioneering generation of medical practitioners gained influence with an individualized approach to care, taking advantage of new discoveries in nutrition and the two-way impact on genes of the choices we make in life.

Functional medicine grew as patients saw progress in treating the underlying causes of their disease. By recognizing and treating the underlying conditions that are specific to each individual, even patient who had obtained little or no relief from conventional cures saw improvement and experienced wellness. For some, the experience was one they had sought for years before turning to functional medicine.

Individuals are not the only ones who benefit from functional medicine. The implications for discovering a sustainable future for healthcare are profound. As conventional healthcare costs in the U.S. continue to soar, and as great portions of the population become dependent on continuing conventional care, Functional medicine offers a future that could offer the three essential solutions: better health for patients, lower healthcare costs, and a sustainable future.

Leaving the Past Behind

Many people living today can remember the era of “miracle cures.” Dreadful diseases such as polio all but disappeared through the discovery of new medicines. Antibiotics took the life-threatening darkness out of bacterial infections. Our outlook as a society included confidence that science would find a chemical cure for every disease that raised life-and-death stakes in our lives.

A kind of widespread disillusion resulted when the deadliest diseases defied this “miracle cure” mentality.

Functional medicine emerges today as an intelligent answer to this historic dilemma. Find out about the meaning that functional medicine could have in your life. Just call us at 470-787-2160. The combination of health and happiness is our work here, and we would be honored to offer it to you.